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Welcome to Rail Resource Express. Our focus is helping model railroaders and collectors protect their investments by providing professional appraisals, inventory evaluations and selling assistance.

We are here to help you reach the highest possible level of satisfaction with your collection. We know that avid rail enthusiasts focus a great deal of time, money and space for their collection. The passion of collecting model trains is an important and satisfying part of your life.

We love trains, too. After decades in the model train business, we know the product, the marketplace and the importance of personal, professional service.

What is Rail Resource Express...

Rail - We deal with everything about train collecting, from model trains in all scales, to rail books and collectible artifacts.

Resource - We are your one-stop source for professional, complete accurate collection appraisals and inventory evaluations. We assist our clients with estate planning, insurance evaluations and up-to-date inventories for serious collectors. We also will assist you in buying and selling the objects of your passion. In addition, we have an extensive list of connections for customizing and enhancing your collection.

Express - We know you would rather spend your time enjoying your collection than worrying about its value. We provide the time-consuming research that will document the value of your collection and maximize your return if you choose to sell a piece or the entire collection.

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